Company High/Low - 3/9/21



“Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.” – John D. Rockefeller


One of the hard things we may encounter in life is a situation where we have to let go of one good thing in order to go to the next. It's a scary thing to loose our grip on what's familiar, and to step into the uncertainty of what's new.

But life is a dynamic, ever-changing process. Sometimes the next good thing looks like a hard, difficult, scary, or painful thing - but it always comes with opportunity as well. Sometimes we need to be willing to step into the unknown of an adventure - like Bilbo Baggins leaving the comfort of home to go running around with dwarves. It's not always pretty, but in the end it can have a lasting impact on your life that you couldn't have had from anything else.


As a warning, though, there's also a famous tale of a dog who forsook the bone he had in order to leap towards the one he saw reflecting in the water. Deciding when to stay and when to leap takes prudence, wisdom, and discernment - often learned by trial and error.