Company High/Low - 7/6/20

Company High/Low - 7/6/20



“Correction is either your friend or your enemy.” —Kevin Everett FitzMaurice


It usually hurts to be corrected. It reminds us that we're not perfect, or that we haven't reached our goals, or that we aren't going about it the right way. Really, it hurts because it means we were wrong, and we're not particularly fond of that notion.

Oftentimes, this leads to our refusal to accept the correction. We deny that there's a problem so that we don't have to face the fact that we're wrong.

But when you think about it, that's kind of ironic, because by ignoring correction we are deliberately avoiding getting better at the very thing we wish we were the best at.

True, sincere correction, when received in the right way, can actually be a driving force toward getting better. Maybe we just need to get a little better at admitting that we're wrong.


On the other hand, the person doing the correcting can have a lot of influence over how that correction is taken (or not taken, as may be the case). There's certainly a time for correction, but in most cases it doesn't hurt to do it in a kind way 🙂