Company High/Low - 9/28/20

Company High/Low - 9/28/20



"Light does not have to fight to dispel the darkness" - Blake Healy


Most people are accustomed to the idea of light and dark representing good and evil. We see it in movies and television, and we read it in books and other stories. We have famous characters such as Darth Vader talking about "the dark side", and others like Gandalf defeating trolls with the light of day.

Light is very important to us. We as a society spend quite a bit of money every year just to keep our lights running - and before that, Thomas Edison went through more than ten thousand iterations of the light bulb, trying to get one that would work well (and now we've largely moved on from his incandescent design and switched to fluorescent or LED lighting, which allow us to have more light for less money).

Part of why we care so much about light is because the dark is scary. It limits our ability to use our sight - a sense that is so important to us that more than 50% the human brain has been dedicated to processing the information coming from it.

Going back to our portrayals of light and dark as good and evil, there's an interesting thing to note: usually, we see a struggle between the "light" and the "dark", and often it seems like light has to work really hard to defeat the darkness (although it almost always does).

That view of things may be problematic. Let's consider our experience with light and how it operates in real life. When you turn on the light switch, how long does it take to start lighting up the room? It happens so fast, it seems instantaneous. There's no fighting going on between the light and the dark - the instant light exists in the room, the darkness disappears.


The only way to get rid of darkness is to bring in the light. The light is far more powerful than the darkness (after all - physically speaking - light is something, and darkness is nothing at all). But that doesn't mean there is no effort - you have to work to let in the light. Sometimes it's as easy as flipping a switch; sometimes it takes more time and energy.

The point is, sometimes we approach a situation with the wrong mindset.

Don't try to fight the darkness. Focus on letting the light in, and you'll find the darkness goes away all by itself.