Company High/Low - 4/5/21



“The grass is greener where you water it.” — Neil Barringham


This quote from Neil Barringham illustrates a number of key principles.

For one thing, the grass doesn't grow green by itself: it has to be watered, otherwise it turns brown rather than green. Most things of value in life are going to have to be worked for at some point or another. This is not only true of the things we hope to achieve or attain in the future, but also of what we have now. If you didn't work for those things, someone else did.


In order to water the grass, though, you have to start by knowing where to distribute that water. If you water in the wrong places, you'll end up growing weeds instead of grass, and that just means more work pulling the weeds later on.

We need to be intentional about what we water and what we feed; otherwise we'll always be complaining about the weeds coming up instead of working to grow grass.