Company High/Low 6/29/20

Company High/Low 6/29/20



"If you want to change the direction of your life, change the declaration of your lips." - Steven Furtick


In a time where personal human connection is limited, it has become a lot easier to let the voices of sadness, loneliness, and negativity begin to drown out the beauty of the orchestra of life. These negative voices can come from many places: social media, the news, even from friends and family members occasionally; but one of the very subtle yet more powerful voices can sometimes be our own, reinforced by those outside voices. It’s that familiar one, flying below the radar as it whispers our unconscious beliefs from the depths of our minds. The all too common messages: “I’m not enough, I’ll never win, hope is lost, I will let them down, I am stuck, and I am all alone.”

These are the messages frequently replayed in our minds, becoming the soundtrack of our existence. Whatever soundtrack that we allow to enter our ears and heart will translate into our lives. Will we speak and allow others to continue to speak negativity into our lives, or will we take charge of the playlist and filter out that negativity that has been drowning out the beauty of life?


Sometimes we don’t have the strength left to speak that positivity back into our lives, and that’s when it’s time to lean in to our loved ones who can speak encouragement into our lives when we can’t remember how to anymore. Maybe it’s a friend, maybe it’s a family member, maybe it’s a picture, or maybe it’s a song. Whatever it is, we need to keep it close until it reminds us of the hope that still exists in a dark world and the joy that can be found in the midst of sorrow.