Company High/Low - 7/27/20

Company High/Low - 7/27/20



"We cannot fix a problem at the source if we only see it at the surface" - Steven Furtick


We all encounter problems every day. Our problems seem to vary quite a bit in their intensity, difficulty, and urgency - some problems come with a deadline and an amount, while others are more open-ended and harder to measure.

Problems like to sit there, making things difficult as they wait to be solved. Solving a problem requires a deep understanding of it. Trial and error might be able to get us through some problems, but if you didn't understand why it was fixed, how can you ever be sure that it really is?

In order to truly fix a problem, you need to fix it at its source, and before we can do that we have to find exactly where that source is.


When it seems like you just keep hitting a wall trying to solve a problem, maybe it's because you haven't found the source. Or, if you have found the source, maybe you haven't found the right way to attack it yet. What are some problems that you might need to revisit and look for the source of?