Company High/Low - 8/17/20

Company High/Low - 8/17/20


"From there to here, and here to there, funny things are everywhere." - Dr. Seuss


The world is full of different people, living in different cultures with different ways of life. There are an incredible number of differences between these cultures - there are all kinds of things that you may find in one society that you won't find in another. Yet, with all that diversity, there are still a few core things that can be found in all human societies - and as it turns out, humor is one of them.

The idea of a joke can be found in all cultures, though the kinds of jokes you find may vary quite a bit. It seems to me that something so widespread must have great importance.

And indeed, it does. Humor has the power to change our outlook on a situation. It can bring people together over the big and the small. But even more than that, we love humor because it brings the joy of laughter. When you laugh, the sorrows and problems of your life disappear for a moment, swallowed by delight.


Of course, humor must also be exercised with caution - it can be used at the expense of someone else, and cause a great amount of hurt. Not everything is meant to be a joke.

There is a time to laugh, and there's a time to be serious. Both are a gift.

What's one of your favorite jokes? Feel free to let us know in the comments!