Profile tab just about finished - Android

Profile tab just about finished - Android

Hey folks,

I'm happy to announce that progress on the Android app is continuing to advance; we are now just about finished with the two most important tabs: Home and Profile.

The Home tab gives you everything you need to make your own High/Lows, including viewing, creating, and editing.

The Profile tab is how other people will see you on the app. It lists all your High/Lows, and gives some general information about you.

This tab is also where you can view and manage your friends - requesting friends, managing friend requests from others, and unfriending (but of course you wouldn't do that, right?).

The next tab is the feed tab. We expect this tab to be a fairly quick addition, as it is similar to the list of High/Lows from the profile tab.

The last tab is the "about" tab. This is where you can log out, find important settings, or find information about the app. We're hoping this won't take long either.

Finally, we'll have some touch-ups to do, specifically for the onboarding process - a few tutorial screens describing some of the app's basic features.

We can't wait to get this app out to you guys, but for now some more screenshots will have to suffice (for privacy purposes, we've covered the names and images of our users):

Friends Screen:


Adding new friends: